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Support small businesses in your community. SCORE is looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to serve in a variety of roles — from knowledgeable business mentors to local community advocates.

Bob Janesak

Bob Janesak,

SCORE Volunteer Mentor

"My decision to join SCORE as a mentor was based on my desire to help. My years of work experience and mentoring new employees made volunteering with SCORE a great fit. I have found that veteran small business entrepreneurs who come to SCORE are more focused and determined. The action to create a business plan and the tactics to execute it, resonate well with them.

Veteran qualities and skill sets, with SCORE mentoring, are also a great fit. This collaboration increases the probability of business success. As a veteran, I take pride in my responsibility mentoring fellow veterans."

SCORE is dedicated to helping Veteran entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors. Our network of more than 10,000 mentors can meet with you via phone, video, or email to answer your business questions and guide you through start-up or growth planning.

Some of our mentors also served in the military. They understand your challenges because they’ve faced them, too. They can help you translate military skills into business success by navigating available services, funding opportunities, government contracts, and more. With your tenacity and the knowledge of the SCORE mentors, your business can thrive and grow. Take advantage of the resources available to create the best business strategies for you.

Tom McMahone smiling with his arms crossed

“My SCORE mentor was there every step of the way, providing inputs and recommendations.”

Tom McMahon, Urban Dwell

Veteran Entrepreneur stat on impact on employment in the United States

Veterans represent 9.1% of all U.S businesses, bringing nearly one trillion dollars annually in receipts while employing nearly 6 million Americans.

The Megaphone Of Main Street: Unsung Entrepreneurs, Infographic #2 Veteran Entrepreneurs

Veteran Entrepreneur percentages of concern for their small business

Veteran business owners are concerned about business regulations, community connections, financing, and getting customers.

The Megaphone of Main Street: Unsung Entrepreneurs

Veteran Entrepreneur rates of being approved for financial assistance

60 percent of veteran-owned businesses reported a financing shortfall, compared to 52 percent of non-veteran-owned businesses
FINANCING THEIR FUTURE:Veteran Entrepreneurs and Capital Access, Nov.2018


From Experienced Mentors

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"Volunteering at SCORE is my way of showing appreciation to those who helped and guided me during my career while sharing my background and experience to help entrepreneurs succeed. While I enjoy working with all SCORE clients, as a U.S. Army Veteran, I particularly enjoy working with veterans to translate their military experience into entrepreneurship. Helping clients realize their dreams is very gratifying and the essence of the SCORE mission."

Ed Coleman,

SCORE Volunteer Mentor

Headshot of SCORE Mentor Ed Coleman

Veteran Entrepreneurs Who Turned to SCORE as a Partner in Their Success

With SCORE by your side, you don't have to go it alone. SCORE has helped countless Veteran entrepreneurs find success in their small businesses. See how SCORE has helped some of the small business owners start and grow their small businesses. Yours could be the next success story!

Mutts Sauce

Mutts Sauce

"Even though I don't come from a family of entrepreneurs, John made me see it was still possible, and I launched four months after we started working together. Everything that SCORE offered was exactly what I needed to get the business started."



"Each one of our SCORE Mentors brought their expertise/specialty to our business. It was really amazing it was to have such experienced experts for mentoring at no cost. All these mentors really cared and went the extra mile to support me in any way."

Monet Medical

Monet Medical

SCORE mentor Dick Perez was integral in the planning stages of the business and in giving Andrew that final push he needed to really commit to the venture. In addition, Perez’s help in securing funding sources and a succession of loans was imperative to the start of the company. Throughout Monet Medical’s growth, Andrew continues to consult Dick with big issues and decisions.

The Veterans Law Office of Jared Levinson, P.C

The Veteran's Law Office of Jared Levinson, P.C

Levinson says, "SCORE has been helpful in providing me macro and micro assistance. They have helped with the bigger picture with marketing and understanding bigger issues and opportunities and more detailed items including advertising campaign that is logical and easy to follow, business cards, and myriad other details."

REDCON Solutions Group

REDCON Solutions Group

After several of my professional colleagues told me about how SCORE had influenced their success stories, I met with Mr. Michael Siegel, who is the local chair of the Savannah Chapter. After reviewing the different services SCORE offers, I recognized SCORE could provide me with a good opportunity to strategize with business leaders who have accomplished their goals, and who could help me attain mine.

One Community Auto LLC

One Community Auto

Owner Gary Peterson says, "Our work with SCORE has been fantastic ... It's been very rewarding working with our mentors. We learned a lot."


Small Business Journey

"Even though I don't come from a family of entrepreneurs, John made me see it was still possible, and I launched four months after we started working together. Everything that SCORE offered was exactly what I needed to get the business started."

Check Out Their Journey

Charlynda Scales

Resources for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Check out resources created especially for Veteran business owners.

Meta Boost

Meta Boost’s Military and Veterans Hub provides resources and digital skills training, spotlights veteran-owned small business success stories, and offers additional resources for networking and finding jobs

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