Gain Knowledge and Professional Guidance

SCORE Charlotte mentors deliver valuable, timely, and practical advice at no cost to you. You can review our mentoring process, and what you can expect from us during our process.

Setting Expectations
Key Things to Know About SCORE:

Whether you’re just starting out in business, already in business or ready to retire or sell, you can get FREE, confidential advice from expert advisors committed to help you succeed.

SCORE is a nation-wide organization where entrepreneurs and small business can come for assistance. Our volunteers, all SCORE Certified Mentors, are retired, semi-retired or still working. We represent a diversity of backgrounds and expertise.

We will work with you to find the right Mentor for your needs.


Working Together as SCORE Mentor and Client

We will provide Mentor support, education and business resources to help you create or grow your business.

We are Mentors, not consultants. We are not hired to DO things, such as write a plan, execute a marketing strategy or conduct a social media program.

We will help you, as the client, to encourage you by giving guidance, advice and support.

We provide resources in four ways:

  1. Mentoring- building relationships with clients.
  2. Education- workshops and classes that provide business basics.
  3. Online Resources- information on both our local and national websites
  4. Outside Resources- lists of local legal, accounting, marketing and insurance companies, all vetted by our SCORE Mentors.

What you can expect from SCORE Charlotte:

SCORE Charlotte has over 85+ Certified Mentors, all with unique business experience. Each attests annually to a Code of Ethics. Each assures all client information is fully confidential. Our SCORE volunteers use their expertise and enthusiasm to help implement proven business practices to aid our clients in accomplishing their business objectives.

NO SCORE Mentor can participate financially or receive any remuneration from a client.

Before you leave...
Is there a meeting or a follow up conversation schedued?

On What date?

Is there any deliverable that you and your Mentor have agreed to?

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