How has SCORE Charlotte been beneficial to you and your business?

SCORE has been a guiding light in this storm of COVID-19. They helped me break down my business to simpler levels so we could take a look at goals for the future and see exactly how many and what clients we need to get there. They have been able to help hold me accountable for the progress I am trying to make. It has been great to have people outside of my industry take a look at my business and point things out that I didn't see from the inside.

How has having a SCORE Charlotte mentor helped support your new or existing business?

They are like a helping hand. SCORE is there for you when you think you are all alone. Being a business owner by yourself is not easy. You can have doubtful thoughts and imposter syndrome very easily but SCORE can help with that. You can come to them with your questions or concerns, they can keep you accountable towards your goals and they are a kind ear when you just need to get it off your mind.

What would you say to other entrepreneurs who are thinking about using SCORE?

I would say DO IT! This is only helpful for your business. You gain an outside perspective while being paired with people that have amazing experience in all different types of fields. Do go chasing that Instagram "mentor" that is going to "blow up" your business, these are real people with real experience that are ready to help you and your business succeed!

Vibe North Carolina's Founder and CEO Brandon Reed

You can contact Brandon via phone or email.

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