How has SCORE Charlotte been beneficial to you and your business? 

SCORE has been beneficial to me by continuously pointing me in the direction I need to go to find the resources I needed for my business.

How has having a SCORE Charlotte mentor helped support your new or existing business?

I can not express how grateful I am for my mentor. My mentor has helped me stay focused and on track, despite all of the obstacles a new business in a pandemic may face. 

What would you say to other entrepreneurs who are thinking about using SCORE?

Stop thinking about it and do it. The mentorship offered by SCORE is beyond helpful and it’s FREE. If you have the resources, I highly recommend SCORE’s business course as well. The course itself really helped me with my business plan, marketing, and other aspects of planning a business - all while putting you in contact with “experts” and resources that may be needed to help you succeed. 

Pricilla Fleming

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