Attend our Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Workshop Series 

Are you considering starting your own business?  What is it that you need to know to be successful? Jump-start your business idea with this workshop series.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business,  Class 1

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but SCORE is here to help simplify it for you! There are many factors to keep in mind before starting your own business. This module will introduce you to key business considerations, such as the myths and realities of entrepreneurship, different business options to pursue, the components of business ownership, legal and financial considerations, and the business plan basics.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Series, 2-5 Class Descriptions

In the full "Simple Steps for Starting Your Business" online program, you will test the feasibility of your business idea and decide whether or not you should move forward or go back to the drawing board. You'll do this by researching industry profile data, customer data, financial projections, and other information. You'll also have a sample feasibility plan to use as a guide. 

2 - Business Concepts, Week 1

Person brainstorming business plan

The first workshop focuses on your business concept and step-by-step guidance in researching your idea, your market, and your competition. At the end of the Business Concept workshop, you are able to: identify your target markets, describe your products and services, and collect key competitive information to support your feasibility plan.

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3 - Marketing Plan, Week 2

People working together on market research

The second workshop provides you with an introduction to marketing communication methods and tools to maximize your customer reach. The discussion in the Marketing Plan workshop covers pricing strategies, positioning, the difference between features and benefits, and different marketing strategies. At the end of this session, you will know how to: outline your marketing strategy, test your marketing message, choose the right sales channel, and exercise your marketing strategy.

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4 -  Financial Projections, Week 3

Calculator and loan papers on desk

The third workshop uses exercises to help you better understand financial concepts. This session reviews sales and prices, financial risks and rewards, true start-up costs, ongoing operating expenses, setting benchmarks for tracking progress andthe organization of all your financial information. Using a hands-on approach, you learn how to use our financial model to forecast sales revenue and build solid pro-forma financial forecasts.

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5 - Funding Sources and Next Steps, Week 4

Man with credit card buying product online

The final workshop offers information on how to finance your small business. In this session, discussions include sources of funds, accounting the six C's of credit, banking relations, ratio analysis, and monthly preparation and review of financial statements. A bank loan officer will give an inside view of how a banker assesses the merits of business plans and loan application. At the end of the series, you have all of the tools necessary to decide whether or not to launch your small business.

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