Challenges Of Owning A Small Business - WFAE Jan 23rd, 2015 broadcast. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. They also create an enormous number of jobs. Being a small business person can seem quite attractive – be your own boss, set your own hours, you know the drill. But the reality can be quite different. Any small business owner can tell you about the challenges of opening and running a business and we’ll hear about those challenges from some small business veterans.


  • Julie Haack -  - President and Owner of Donald Haack Diamonds
  • Kelli Swick - Founder and Owner of Queen of Oats
  • Jim Weiland - Executive Vice President, Charlotte SCORE(Senior Core of Retired Executives) and Certified Mentor
  • Glenn Burkins - Editor and publisher of, an online news site targeting Charlotte’s African American community

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Challenges Of Owning A Small Business