Working Capital - Performance Enhancement Oppty - Bus Growth Series - Aug 25 August 25, 2020, 12:00pm EDT August 25, 2020, 1:30pm EDT
Zoom Webinar
Zoom Webinar
Charlotte, NC, 28210

In a start-up or small business environment cash is king. Working capital is incredibly important since it's needed to keep a business operating smoothly. This workshop will help you not only understand what working capital is but also how to leverage the concept of growth. You will walk away with an understanding of how to measure working capital, as well as what influences and drives each of the critical components so you can make better business decisions for growth. Understanding working capital helps you manage cash and cash flow. These are requirements of being a successful business owner and/or leader.

Who should attend?
- Entrepreneurs
- Small business owners
- Leaders in services companies
- Students looking to learn more about business

Attendees can expect to learn:
An understanding of the concept of Working Capital, what is needed to manage it, the concept of cash flow. and how to make informed decisions about the money used to cover all of a company's short-term expenses, purchase inventory, pay short-term debt, and cover day-to-day operating expenses. This helps you understand what working capital you have available now and in the short term to help you make important business growth decisions.

Guest Speaker:
Fabyan Saxe is a SCORE Certified Mentor at SCORE Charlotte.
Fabyan has 15 years in start-up and small business Leadership and General Management. Prior to that, he had a successful 25-year career in a Fortune 500 company including leadership in Supply Chain Management, e- Commerce, and Information Technology. He has a B. S. Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and has been a SCORE, Certified Mentor since 2019.