Promote Your Business with Podcasts September 23, 2021, 7:00pm EDT September 23, 2021, 8:00pm EDT

Podcasting is an overlooked opportunity to share your business and grow your brand. Starting a podcast is not as hard as you might think. 

Join Danna Crawford, host of her newly launched podcast "Flip It Or Skip It", who will share her tips for getting started in the world of podcasting. Topics include:

  • Content creation
  • Branding
  • Goal setting
  • Voice vs Video
  • Podcast marketing
  • Sponsors / Commercials
  • Graphic / Logos
  • Platforms to use
  • And most importantly, how to make podcasting fun!

You are the best person to tell the story about your company. You are your best ambassador for your brand.

Podcasting can work for every business!

Our presenter, Danna Crawford, is known as the "Power Selling Mom" and has been eBay seller since 1997; Danna was inducted into eBay’s Hall of Fame in 2008. Catch her "Flip It or Skip It" podcasts at

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Promote Your Business with Podcasts